Are the Wyze camera servers FULL?

Not being a techie, I can only speculate that multiple problems must be due to Wyze servers not being able to handle the traffic.

  1. It’s 27 days now, that I still get “Person” Notifications on both my 3 V2 and 2 V3 cameras that then show no corresponding Event. I reported it March 24th, and it’s still the same. On the one V2 that is set for “Person”, “Motion” and “Sound”, it’s the same thing. Very frustrating to quickly check my app and see no Event. NOTE: It’s intermittent - it DOES work fine half of the time.

  2. Beginning around April 14th or so, when I want to share my Event with Wyze, instead of the typical choices of “Pet”, “Nothing”, “Person”, “Cat”, etc., I get this goofy window asking me to share a tag (or a few other options) that is not hot when I click on it. Nothing. If I check back minutes or hours later, it works, allowing me to leave the highlighted “Person”, for example and hit “Submit”, when I then get the “thank you” message.

  3. When I’ve received a Notification and go to my Events page, it frequently buffers continuously (showing a low download Mb number) or displays an error message window. Like the above, it then works minutes or hours later. This is not due to my WiFi strength or speed, which I always check. Again, as in the Topic title, all I can think of is either servers being overloaded or Wyze tech being overloaded. I can’t possibly be the only one with these issues.

The servers are overloaded in requests and are timing out. Cam Plus service is oversubscribed.

The outages are troubling to me. Am I the only one using this service as a component of a home security system? That’s how it was sold to me… I have 7 cameras and the home monitoring service and I intended for it to give me peace of mind when I’m traveling and my wife and kids are at home.

That’s what I meant - “FULL”, “oversubscribed” - pretty-much the same result. I wonder how widespread this is. I’m surprised that I’m not seeing a ton of complaints. I’ll wait a while before pressing this further with Customer Service, but after a month of the same grief, it’s not looking too good.

I have been receiving notifications all day without issues. I have noted that the last couple of days Live Streaming was hit or miss because of the extreme winds in my area. I looked at my network and the Wyze Camera’s and they were uploading at a rate of 700+ Kbps which is a lot and considering I have 7 Camera’s outside, it is amazing that anything would be uploaded successfully. However, with all of that going on, I was still being notified or Person Detections and full motion on other camera’s. I could also play the recorded video.

I have found Clearing the Cache from within the app and if you have an Android device, long press the app and do a Force Stop and Clear the Cache from there. Then start the app again and see if the camera’s load.

I am getting timely notifications as well… No issues here…