Are SD cards needed for events showing up on app?


Are SD cards needed in slots in order to have events showing on app?

The 2 wyze outdoor cams that I use are not recording events, I wonder maybe it’s because I don’t have SD cards inserted.

One of the two used to record motions but not anymore, since it never had cards inserted but it showed events, so maybe wyze had system modified so now it stopped recording motions. Thanks for your reply.

No you don’t need the SD card in the cam to have events show up on your events page on the app. In fact the SD card in the cam is for recording scheduled event recordings, scheduled continuous recordings and Time lapse. If you do not have cam plus the video events will be saved to the SD card in the base if you put one in and turn on “backup to base” on the cam app. If you have cam plus the events will not save to the SD in the base. Did you recently update the cam and or base firmware?

Yes I did. The last time was about one or two months ago. I’ll check to see if that was the latest update. But the one that stopped recording several months ago and the other one has never recorded.

Thanks Antonius.

I am still using the November 17 2021 firmware. There is a newer version for the cam and base but I have not updated either yet for various reasons but you can try and load it manually. You can find the new cam versions for the cam here, but there is only one version available for the base currently. They put the base update on hold for a while and I don’t know if they ever fixed it???

I think I’ll just store these 2 outdoor cams away for good. One of these two has never worked the one that did work only worked for about 10% of the time or less from the getgo.
Today I came to the forum was because I received the welcome to the forum message from wyze forum, and from there I saw an entry in the forum that one user questionned the wyze outdoor cam became more and more useless. I just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t because of the SD card that has caused the recording not existent.
I finished reading the discussions of that forum entry just now, I’m giving wyze outdoor cam up.
Thanks Antonius.

Good luck but I still think you should try to update the firmware with an SD card just for the hell of it. You have nothing to lose except 5 min. of your time. I have had good lucky with my 4 cams over the last 14 months but I do know there are many who have not.

What are your event recording, sensitivity and detection settings for each camera? How where they mounted and where did they look? Do they have camplus, or the free 12sec clip/5min cooldown?

After several months passed of wyze not recording, I bought two outdoor cams from another brand, I stacked one on top of a wyze, the other brand recorded all events while wyze didn’t record a single one. The two were facing the same direction (looking at the driveway, across) and stacked on top of each other. The events are cars, people, squirls going to and from the garage, even going from the point of cams to the driveway vertically, the other brand recorded all. The sensitivity is set for both at middle. For wyze: 1 min cool down, 12 sec clip.
Thanks Omgitstony.

There could be plenty of reasons why they are not acting the same, different settings, different detection systems etc. The two that are stacked, how are they mounted? Where are they placed? Can you post a photo of how they are mounted and aimed and what they see? Are they looking out a window perhaps at the driveway?

I just placed the other brand on top of the wyze outdoor cam where it has been at, in the front yard, for several months and not working. The other brand started to work immediately, while the wyze outdoor cam remains not working, with or without the other one stacked on top.

“There could be plenty of reasons why they are not acting the same”:
Yes I know, the other brand is reliable and wyze is not.