Are any of the Floodlight cams adjustable?

I’m preparing to close on my house in a couple days and while we do a little work I planned to replace my old v1 cameras with newer ones and add a couple more. I would like to add at least 2 of the floodlight cameras and was wondering if the lights and/or camera are adjustable at all? Can I swivel them a little to help light and record an area a little better or do I need to get it powered on and then fiddle with it a bit to find the perfect spot?

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They can be adjusted manually, not remotely through the app. So if you want to swivel them a little, you have to use your hands. So, yes, they swivel and can be adjusted, but just with your hands, not remotely with a motor like a pan camera.


That’s perfect thank you! I’m fine with having to do it manually, I just wanted to make sure I could install it at a convenient location and then remote into it and make slight changes by hand until it’s where I wanted it. I appreciate your help!

The wyze flood cam are great products! I love the three that I’ve installed. Their latest, Wyze Floodcam V2 looks awesome (2K video, wider field of view). I only have one more space left to install a flood cam so I look forward to installing one of those. So now you’ve got choices between two great flood cams.