Wyze floodlight V2 light head adjustments

I bought 2 of the floodlights V2 hoping for a somewhat decent quality product. However, after removing the first one from the box and trying to adjust the angle of the lights, I realized that:

  1. There is only a limited amount of adjustments possible if you want to keep the lip orientation at the top.
  2. When adjusting the light heads they rotate very easily; almost freely.
  3. There is no way to lock the light head in place once you have it adjusted to where you want it. There is nothing to secure it with. No screw, no clamp, nothing!!!

I live in south Florida where we get high winds especially during hurricane seasons and that is even if you don’t get a direct hit from a hurricane. A sever thunderstorm or tropical storms comes with high enough winds to make these light heads spin like a windmill. Wyze you went cheap on this one for sure. I will be returning these and looking elsewhere.