Are all V3 cameras the same?

Just wondering if the later manufactured V3 cameras are any different or better than the ones from the earlier first manufactured batch. Anyone have any thoughts :thinking:

It’s possible. I did notice something similar with the V2 cameras for example. There are at least 3 different batches of V2 cameras that function slightly differently from other batches of V2 cameras. They can usually be distinguished by how the Mac address starts. There were times where 1 batch all had the same issue(s) or quirks, but the others didn’t. For a while, there was Even one batch of v2’s (a batch of black v2s) that had a different firmware version from all the other batches of v2s. There were some batches that had a foggy lens issue that could be wiped off/cleaned and later batches that didn’t. You could often find that when some people had a similar issue and others didn’t, if you asked for the first 4-6 characters of their Mac address, those with the issue had matching characters and those without it didn’t, indicating it was batch specific.

Wyze has also done “cost down” improvements on other products but kept the same model number.

They absolutely said they made improvements to later pan v3 batches motor that the earliest batches of the pan v3 didn’t have (some early versions had some kind of motor slippage or something like that which caused them to struggle to go back to the correct "home"waypoint and they found ways to mitigate this in future manufacturing.

All this to say, yes, it’s highly likely that Wyze made changes over time with the V3 batches too. This could sometimes explain why some people might experience an issue others don’t.

It used to be a lot more common for some of us to ask questions like what the start of someone’s MAC address was back in like 2020-2021 to figure out if an issue was batch specific or all of them. Maybe I’ll start asking things like that again when it seems an issue is hit or miss. Thanks for reminding me this used to be a thing. It might actually explain certain differences still.


It would be great to find out why some experience problems while others do not.


According to FCC, there were 5 Cam V3 filings and all of them have different RF power output. I don’t know what else is the difference between them or which one actually made it to mass market consumers.The FCC label at the bottom of the camera should mention which revision you have.


Somebody here in the forum reported that new, out of the box, V3 cameras took different number of updates to firmware to get current. Some would exhibit the grayed out SD Card button on the event viewer, others did not. It would be a safe bet to say there are differences “under the hood”. I would not risk breaking one apart (unless I was disconnecting the microphone) to see what is different.

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Good sleuthing, guys. I am not surprised to hear any of those reports based on past history of other devices going through similar things. Makes total sense. I will have to remember to keep this in mind in the future when enough other users report an issue to ensure it isn’t an isolated event, and yet others are unable to confirm, sometimes even Wyze can struggle to replicate some issues. I will have to remember to ask people something that could indicate a pattern of a certain batch, such as what are the first 4-6 digits of the MAC address, or many other commonalities or differences that could indicate something is batch-specific. It is definitely something worth keeping in mind and a good topic to bring back to memory.

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