App will not pair on bluetooth

app will not pair on bluetooth with my phone (Xiaomi Redmi M2006C3MG)

It will on other phones.

See what happens when you disable airplane mode.

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I think, its most common because we have old BT connections still showing in the phone. Usually some that have not been used in a while. I would try removing them and see if you “make room for fresh connections”.

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Tried it with Airplane mode off. Same thing.

Try searching the Internet for Bluetooth connection issues and fixes for your Redmi 9C. Sam_Bam’s reply is a great suggestion as Redmi 9C has known issues with Bluetooth connection management. There are YouTube videos that show how to clean out and refresh your 9C’s connection pool.

Also, make sure you follow the OG Setup directions. For Android, depending on Android version, you may need to enable Location on your phone in addition to Bluetooth. Your phone also needs to be on the same local network as your Cam OG.

Wyze Cam OG Setup Guide
Wyze Cam OG Setup Troubleshooting

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Turning on the location worked. Thank you all for your help!


Great to hear and thanks for the update! :+1:

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