Wyze OG not being seen via bluetooth on iPhone

I’m getting pretty angry here… I just bought a new Wyze OG Cam at Home Depot today. I’ve been trying to get it set up for the past half an hour but it is not discoverable by my phone’s Bluetooth. Why in the heck do we have to have Bluetooth to connect when we only needed the network before? This is a real pain in the ass! I’ve cancelled the install, unplugged the cam and started over several times (yes, I’ve closed the app, too). I am on my 2.4 network. The phone is less than half an inch from the camera and yet there is nothing showing up in the discoverable device list on my phone. I’m seeing a message to make sure my phone is near “your Gemini” (say what??). I’ve NEVER had such a hard time connecting anything in my life! What is going on and how does it get fixed??

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Are you using a VPN? If you are you may want to turn that off.

Make sure your BT is on and you are connected to you network as well.

As far as I know, the reason is that it avoided the problems many people who had trouble getting the cameras to scan the QR code.

It’s been a while since I set up on OG cameras, but as I recall, you don’t see it in the PHONE bluetooth connection list. It only shows up in the APP. From your description it sounds like you are expecting it to show up in the phone bluetooth connections list.

Are OG cams the most problematic Wyze cam?

I can only say that I have not had any trouble with mine. I have four OG-Tele cameras.

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Well, that was somewhat helpful. Where in the App would I see the bluetooth connection? This is totally different to how I used to set up the v3s and ODC I have had a few a few years.

No. I said in my post that I was on my network.

Just tried setting up again. Camera keeps saying Ready to Connect. App keeps saying “Device not found”. The app is NOT finding the camera. Red light on camera is flashing like it should. The app doesn’t look for long before giving up.

I have an iPhone 7 and iOS 15.8.2

This makes no sense, unless I have a dud camera.

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I discovered the reason one of mine was not connecting was because I didn’t have enough light. Not sure about your situation but make sure it’s well lit where you are trying to set it up.

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That’s odd. Earlier today it was light and didn’t work. This last time was dark but since the phone and camera aren’t finding each other via Bluetooth or WiFi, I’m not sure why light would make any difference.

Ok. I’m a moron. I didn’t see the model on the box and when I went looking for more system requirements, found I got the “wrong” camera. It’s not an OG, but v4. sigh

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Had you ordered the V4 or was the V4 shipped instead of the OG? If the latter, you did well as the V4 is a better camera - unless you needed the Tele version of the OG…

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I bought it in store. The “v4” wording was not prominent on the box and I got it in my head, somehow, that it was the OG camera. I wanted the OG Telephoto, really, for watching my garden (blasted rabbit has been eating my seedlings! Grrr) but figured the OG would be fine and I’d add on the telephoto later. So, I didn’t even want the v4. I hadn’t been seeing too much good about it. So, just stupidity on my part. At least I got it cheap. (25.98 or something like that) and I’ll still use it, but it wasn’t what I wanted.

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I have four OG-Tele and to make sure you don’t have a misunderstanding based on something you said. You can’t modify an OG into an OG-Tele (or at least not without un-authorized surgery). I am also using the OG-Tele where I needed the telephoto lens. Here is an example of a V3 (similar FoV to a OG), and the bottom is an OG-Tele. About the only limitation on the OG-Tele is that it will not focus at much below 6 feet. Yes, that is a limitation on a couple locations for me.

No, I know that. What I was referring to was the ability to stack them, which would make it easier to run the power into the shed where they would reside (power inside, cameras outside). I would have the OG and Telephoto so I could have the one zoomed in on my garden, and the other where a current v3 is that watches the property behind me for wildlife. Meanwhile, I have the v4 connected and running. Until I get the OG cam set, I think I’m leaving the v4 on my deck (which captures night sky events and stuff happening on my deck) and move the v3 there to the shed to watch the garden to see if that blasted rabbit comes back to snack on my growing plants!

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Got it.