App version 2.40.0(190) is wacky on my android phones?


Today one phone has no problem with version 2.40.0 (190) and the other does?

The App so far partially works. Everything except, shopping (order bot lookup & email verification) and forum login n current browser recognition.

One was working on both phones and when I could not login to the forum.
I decided to update the other ph to 2.40.0 (190).

Well, it logged me out of the forum on the app and kept me logged in on, the phones standalone browser.

It also gave me the unsupported browser msg. When both brands of thr phones standalone browser’s are up to date.

Will try again later today, but its getting annoying.

I guess as much as me, posting about it ;(

I this time, I was able to submit a log within the app.
That’s progress.

I am using and test on the following devices:

  • Samsung ZFlip
  • Pixel 6
  • Pixel 7 Pro
  • iPhone Xs

I am not experiencing the same issue you have reported. Based on the version of the app provided, it looks like you are using an Android device.

Can you please share the Device Type and OS being used?

I am on Android 13, my Pixel 7 Pro is on the March 5th Security release and the Pixel 6 os on the February 5th Release.


Samsung A11
Android Ver 10

Thanks. I may have an Android 10 device. Will check on that


It’s known that the experience you get visiting websites from within the Wyze app isnt the best. Always recommend visiting the forum, support pages, any website linked in app in an standalone browser instead.


Can’t say I have ever used the forum from within the app, but I am typing this from a Moto Edge with Android version 10. This is HORRIBLE! As soon as I start typing the response, the on screen keyboard covers the reply window so I can’t see what I am typing (or the auto spell mangle “fixes” for me).

OK, I gave up on trying to type this on the phone - back on a computer… BTW, fixed all the typos created on the phone from the desktop before posting…


I do know what ur talking about.

It’s the one thing I never put in a post about.