App ver 2.40.0 (15) release notes?

My app just updated to version 2.40.0 (15). I’ve noticed a feature for v3 pro trigger events. My question is where can I find the release notes so I can get an understanding of this feature. I’ve looked everywhere for release notes on the app update but can’t find anything

It can be found int he #news channel.

However, here is the link to it:

Wyze app 2.40 Released - 3/8/2023 - Wyze News - Wyze Forum

What new V3Pro feature is is it that you are seeing?


Here are the IOS App notes from the link posted above.

iOS App (March 8, 2023)

  • Added Rules support for Wyze Home Monitoring to use Mode changes and critical events as triggers to control your Wyze devices
  • Added support for Additional PIN that allows 10 additional PIN for Wyze Home Monitoring (firmware update required)
  • Improved Shortcut Rules UI/UX
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the removal of previous Wyze Thermostats
  • Fixed a landscape aspect ratio issue on iPad
  • Fixed a bug that caused Location Trigger names to display incorrectly in Rules
  • Fixed an aspect ratio issue in the tab bar
  • Bug fixes
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Trigger rules

Interesting. :thinking:

Mine only showed “Motion Sensors V2 Trigger Rules” in the suggestion cards and I just dismissed them. Never used any.

But… Those cards are to introduce you to the Preset Rules that are now loaded into the Rules UI. I believe they are specific to the cams that you have installed. Clicking it should take you to the suggested preset rule or the preset rules list that you can open individually to see what triggers and actions it is suggesting. It won’t actually save the rule unless you click Save. They will just be templates for you.

Here are the preset rules my app is showing (I have never used any preset rules, I build all my own specific to my needs):

Thank you