Question about App updates

Was turning on/off notifications the only thing that got updated? Sorry, I am new as of yesterday and I didn’t see what was available previously in the App.

I you scroll down the page to the “Release Notes” section, the updates are listed there for the iOS and Android apps.

I did that, and all I saw was:

iOS V2.3.69 (Release date: May 13, 2019)
Added grouping support for Wyze Sense
Added sound for simultaneous streaming
Added new triggers and actions for Wyze Sense in Shortcuts
Fixed a bug causing the live stream to lose audio after reconnecting

It wasn’t spelled out what new triggers and actions were for the Wyze Sense Shortcuts. So I am unsure if “Turning on notifications” and “Turning off notifications” is what is new, or if they finally added the ability to “Turn on sensor” or “Turn off sensor”.

The Support section of the website has a “Wyze Sense Guides” page, and shortcut creation (including automation) is explained under the “Wyze Sense User’s Guide” section. Let us know if you have any further questions. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I read those front to back before making my purchase so I knew what to expect. This is a great product and I will wait for the option to turn the sensors on and off on a schedule so their IFTTT routines don’t occur at certain times of the day.

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