2.4 App Release!

:trumpet: We’re releasing app version 2.4 today! This includes thumbnails for push notifications, group action support for Shortcuts, comments and reporting in Discover, and Wyze Bulb support. :sunglasses:

Learn more in our release notes:


According to the Release Notes, it appears that this release (2.4.30 for iOS) does not fix the long-standing bug that has rendered time-lapse recording useless (“file not found”). Is it true that this defect has not been fixed, or did mention of it just get omitted from the Release Notes? None of the new features turn my crank, so I’m not inclined to upgrade until I know for sure that a previously-working feature (Time Lapse) has been restored.



Android App


  • Added Wyze Bulb support
  • Added group action support for Shortcuts
  • Added thumbnails for notifications
  • Added a comment feature in Discover
  • Added a report feature in Discover
  • Fixed the Wyze Cam Pan two-way audio issue on some Samsung phones
  • Improved the experience for Wyze Cam Pan when connecting to a Bluetooth device

Like @kyphos wrote -
the promised Time Lapse is not back yet,

Gemniii My Friend,
Thanks for this. If it’s not fixed in Android version, it won’t be fixed in iOS either. I won’t be upgrading anytime soon.

PSA: for those iPhone users who haven’t yet discovered this limitation, be advised that upgrading the iOS app is a one-way street. If you upgrade to a new version of the Wyze app and find that a previously-working feature is broken, you’re up the bitstream without a paddle.

This is an app update. I believe that the fix will be coming in a future firmware update. :slight_smile:

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Thanks - that’s good to know.

It’s so hard to tell when we read that ‘problem XXX will/might be fixed in the next release’ whether that means release of the app, release of camera firmware, or a combination of the two. In the future, when you are replying on the forum that a particular problem might be addressed in the next release, it would be helpful if you could indicate which kind of release (firmware vs appware). If you know, of course. That will help manage expectations.

No notification thumbnails on Galaxy S9+

I have a Galaxy S9+ and a Galaxy S10+ and I can verify that on the S10+ I have them and the S9+ does not, I am not sure why but there seems to be an issue with the S9+

Zoom seems to be fixed up good
Zoom in move around , zoom out , snaps right back to full screen real nice :+1:

I am not receiving the thumbnails on my iPhone SE, sadly. Not sure why it’s not working.

The camera notifications stopped working altogether after the app update on my Google Pixel 3a phone. :disappointed:

Hello. Welcome to the community. Have you tried restarting your phone?

Since this update I’ve found the app to be very unstable… I’m always getting… App is not responding errors after a few minutes of watching the live stream especially if I’m watching a group of cams at once, this is true for both my S10 plus and my galaxy Tab A, have restarted both devices and all of the cams, has made zero difference.

Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

I have a new Galaxy A50 and there are no thumbnails there either.

Yes, great improvement on the zoom. I like how it snaps back now instead of being out of alignment after zooming. Way to go Wyze team! :clap:

Just a heads up, but I’m sure you already know.
The Wyze app isn’t working for IOS 13 public beta.
The app opens, but no buttons are showing.

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I haven’t updated the new app and never do that until the dust settles. But looking at these comments I hope that Wyze is not adopting the Windows 10 update model. I appreciate Wyze’s youthful exuberance in providing enhancements, but tackling the nuances of device compatibility, let alone the typical risks of breaking stuff in new code, is not trivial. Wyze (@WyzeGwendolyn): relax, take a breath, and develop a reputation for reliability and stability in quality (in addition to that of your excellent and inexpensive products).

Concerning the Notification thumbnails.
I’ve noticed that the thumbnail won’t show up immediately when the Notification arrives on my iPhone XR running the IOS 13 beta.
The thumbnail will appear after about 15 seconds if the screen is kept awake.

If I let the screen go black and then wake the phone the Notification on the lock screen will again show no thumbnail until 15 seconds goes by and then it reappears.