App Shop Feature

Wyze fans,

I noticed that on all my devices the app Shop feature simply stays in the loading state [rotating circle]. All other features work as prescribed.

Info: All devices are on the 2.1.32 version of the app.

Not a biggie to me at this time - simply use old orders to reorder more devices. Anyway - love the products - pre ordered the Sense starter kit - love the new updates to the app [ Grouping cameras ]

Waiting for the Wyze light bulbs to come to fruition - love to replace and or add to our abode. And possibly a laser cannon on cameras to ward off unwanted neighbors pets - LOL…

Have fun - Be safe

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Is that iOs? On my androids (Samsung J3 and Amazon Fire) it works fine.

My apologize - Yes my devices are all iOs.

Hello @michael.hillier, are you still having this issue on all your devices?

Hey just got back from a trip. I’m assume due to the model iPad I had at the time was the issue as I’ve been fortunate to up grade to a current Air2 and things are working as expected. Sorry for the delay. Hint on where I went - able to surf 15ft at a secret site with a few buds…:man_surfing: