An error on the Wyze (website) shop is KILLING my morning

I’m having trouble adding the Wyze sense starter kit on the Wyze website. I usually order from amazon, but wanted to support Wyze directly, and it’s stopping me from completing my purchase because I keep receiving the following error. Using safari on iPhone 11 Pro Max, and have reliable internet connection. I have also cleared my cache, and done just about every trick I know. I’ve also submitted a support ticket, and no answer yet. I just need to buy this one thing (as a gift for my family) so I can move on with my day. Anyone experience similar? The forums seem to be loading a little slower than Usual as well. Any known maintenance?

You appear to be ordering via the web page. I have had issues there before as well. But on my iPhone X I just ordered a motion sensor via the app with no issues. Try using the app instead.

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The issue that morning was I could not find the product I needed through the app- only website. (The Wyze starter kit). I think they must have added it to app shop in the past few days since my complaint.

Ah well did not understand that from what you said.

I apologize. Was a crazy morning that day. I will try to explain better in the future.

We have all had our share of those mornings! No harm no foul!