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I have a Wyze Cam v2 Stuck in my shopping cart I want to pre-order the Sense kit but I don’t need another camera currently, I still have 3 unopened, I originally found the bug in the current beta app(2.2.35(3)) but now even after I delete the app and down load the non-beta version it still will not remove itself. I have no clue what I have done.

Hello @BrianB, this shouldn’t be happening so I’m going to tag @CaptainMark so he can help you sort this out.


This is a strange issue. can you send an app log and label it “Wyze Sense Early Access - Please check”? Also, did you try logging out and back in again or just going through the credit card right before confirmation then cancelling?

I tried to order a Sense Kit yesterday through the app. It was not able to process the payment.

When I went to my orders, it showed the order as Pending Payment. There was no Pay button, so there was no way to complete the order through the app.

I went in through the web site, and I was able to pay for the order.

@CaptainMark Every time I redownloded the app I would have to re log in.

I sent the log files. Also I have deleted the app and reinstalled it multiple times, each time haveing to log back in. I have also tried since sending the log, adding another camera (v2) but now I have a total of 7 cameras stuck in my cart.

@CaptainMark I know that bugs take time to fix but any update? I really want to order a couple of the Wyze Sense Kits. If you need anything else from me im glad to help.

Sorry for the trouble, I sent your log and issue direct to our dev team. I just noticed it now as it goes to another inbox. Will share when we find additional info.

By the way, seems to be app version/device specific. If you have another device, see if you can login and buy. We are working on a fix but that might take a few days.

I logged in to the app I have on my Android and when I tried to delete the cameras from the cart the app itself crashed. Multiple times. I also tried on an iPad Mini also in able to remove them from my cart.

Brian, were you able to checkout with no issues? This has been fixed by our dev team based on the log that you submitted

Thank you. I just checked and my cart is now empty. I made my pre-order and looking forewords to it arriveing.

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I am a beta user and my app shop has been empty for the last few days. Will it repopulate in time for the 12:00 EDT smart plug sale?

The beta app cannot accept real payments, but you’ll be able to purchase on the site and official app.