App settings change on own

I have several wyze cams v2. I’ve noticed that the app changes settings randomly on it’s own. Very odd. Android phone. Any suggestions?

Which settings in particular?

hi i just had the same thing happen to me.

my app crashed for no reason and all my cameras were lost. had to restart app clean and cameras came back but notification settings no what they should be.

I’m having this issue constantly. My issue is not phone specific as I have both Android and iPhone. Several of my settings will do this. Event recordings will suddenly reset from continuous, all day to either not record or 4 p.m. on a 24-hour cycle (it’s always defaulting to 1600 hours when it does this). Notifications will reset from motion and person, no sound, to some other combination. Alarm settings will reset to off for all. Local storage will go from on to off. System is up-to-date on firmware and is using Wyze SD cards with stable power supply and Wi-Fi network. What may have caused this? How can I prevent this in the future?

The only thing that comes to mind, besides an obvious software bug, is if one navigates to the phone’s (this is on Android - iPhone free here)
Settings → Apps → Wyze → Storage → Clear Cache and Clear Data. (the Clear Data usually clears settings for an app)

Many phone memory clean app will just delete settings.
System cache clear is another problem.

It all depends on the App architecture.