App Crash accessing Account > App Settings

App crashes when I access Account > App Settings, but I haven’t seen anyone else reporting it so may be specific to my Android setup.

Just now cleared cache and data and app still crashed. Reinstalled app, still no joy. Put in a support ticket yesterday so we’ll see…

Can’t recall, is there something other than “Clear Cache” in the App Settings menu?

<Yes, the Hardware Decoder toggle>

And is Clear Cache in the app identical to clearing cache in the Android settings for the app?

<No, see below>

Hey, good news, problem solved.

I checked the Wyze video folder (where the 12-sec clips from viewed notifications/events are stored locally) and there were 1700+ files in there.

Cleared that folder and I had access to the App Settings menu again (no crash.)

Just FYI, Android > Settings > Apps > Wyze > Storage > Clear Cache

is not the same as

Wyze app > Account > App Settings > Cache File Size > Clear

The former does not clear the Wyze video folder of accumulated clips as does the latter.

And as it happens, the Hardware Decoder setting was OFF - turning it on definitely improves performance on this tablet (especialy when viewing footage from SD, unusable without it.)


I see you update your comment, was your issue able to be resolved?

Yep. Looks like we simul-posted. :slight_smile:

Here’s the underlying Android location:


or via the native Android 6 file explorer:

Android Settings > Storage & USB > Explore > Wyze > Camera > Video

We were having a crash problem with 2.0.18 and went to the app store and updated the app 2.0.21 and that worked as well. Not that having 1700+ events files won’t make the app crash too I suppose.




Do you happen to remember the path of that folder with 1700 files you cleared?
Could you also check for me if there’re files saved in exact folder when you watch more videos?
I’m guessing there’re two cache video folders created (with different paths) with the same name. The video watched are saved in folder A whereas when you clear cache, folder B will be cleared.

Hey Tuna, I’m at 2.0.26. 'Twas a Catch-22: clear the cache so you can clear the cache. :slight_smile:

Hey Li

Folder is:


After I cleared it, I observed it as I viewed a few event videos. The video files populated the folder 1:1.

I didn’t see any evidence of two different cache folders (though I run with google photos sync off. ) The 1700+ files amounted to some 2.5G in storage which was nice to recover. :slight_smile:

BTW, app uninstall/reinstall didn’t clear that folder, so if you go over the app threshold, you get the crash and gotta delete 'em manually.


Update: 7 wks later, ~1100 files accumulated, occupying ~1.3G. Same condition re no access to the App Settings menu. Same fix.