APP no longer recognizes any Wyze device

I have set up 4 cameras, 3 mini-plugs and a bulb using the app on my phone. We were away over the weekend and the app is empty of all devices. My wife’s phone is secondary and has never been used to register a device and all cameras are viewable on her phone - but none of the memory cards are accessible.

Is there a way to recover the devices on my phone without starting over registering each one on my app?

Phone is a Samsung Galaxy 10+

While I’m not 100% sure what I did, I was able to get the blank app to reset itself and everything is back to normal.
From ‘Account’, I went into ‘Rules History’ and while that was trying to load I went back out to ‘Account’ and into ‘Sharing’ (which was blank). When I went back to ‘Account’ all of the registered devices reappeared.

After 6 days of not working at all, everything appears to back to normal - waiting to receive my wireless camera now.

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When you share a camera, there are some restrictions in place, like the user that is shared the camera will not have access to the SD card local storage (playback). My wife and I use my user name and password on both our devices so we each have access to everything (all devices, playbacks, etc), she just has in her device OS the notifications disabled otherwise we’d share the same notification settings. I used to share stuff with her but a few times forgot to share new things that she wanted access to (whoops!) so I just gave her my information so she now sees what I see.

It sounds like every device was still connected to your account, but your app was not downloading the information and/or settings to display them on your device. I would try logging out of the app and logging back into your account if it happens again.

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Thank you. I will add my login info on her app and she will have access to everything.
I appreciate the response.

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Remember with the same login, you’ll share notifications settings also. If you turn off notifications for XYZ, she’ll loose them to. If one doesn’t want notifications, best to turn them off in the OS level for the app, not in app. Your welcome and enjoy! :slight_smile:

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