One Camera Disappeared From App

I was added as a user to my family’s “mom cam” to keep an eye on our mother. Nothing was changed that I know of, but of the three users I am the only one whose app no longer shows the camera. It does show my own cameras, only the “mom cam” is missing. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

Welcome to the community @donb . I am a community member as you but try to help out when I can.

This normally happens when you are removed as an individual being shared with. Do you have access to your Moms account? If you do, you can logon as her and verify that you are still on the shared list of individuals. I would verify this first.


Welcome to the forums! Ill agree with @spamoni4 that it appears the share sent to you was removed. Might want to have a chat with the main account holder to see if you were removed.


Thanks much for your input! I will check with the account holder (my sister).
However, due to recent changes in the Wyze software, until she gets a new phone she can no longer even view the camera. So it seems extremely unlikely that she would be making any changes.

My other sister can look at the “mom cam” as usual. One additional note, though it probably is of no consequence: I am the only one of the three of us using an Android.

I had an old Fire Tablet which I loaded the Wyze App on after side loading the Google Play Store. Last night I removed the app and was not able to add it back. So off to the store today to get a new Onn Tablet from Walmart. I use the Tablet to control my In-Laws Setup. Then I know I have full control as I logon with their Credentials.

Letting you know this as it provides alternatives. In addition, If you know your sisters account information, you can logout of your app, and then logon with hers. Once you are in, you can check to make sure you are still being shared with and also see the video streams. Then Logout and log back in with your credentials

No luck so far on a resolution. I checked with my sister and nothing has been deleted in the way of permissions. She added me again and the only thing she sees in the app for me is “Pending.” Interestingly, my other sister also shows as “Pending” but she can view the camera with no problems. So we are still at a loss to know how to resolve this issue, particularly as I have no access to the camera itself (it’s 200+ miles away).