App needs ability to sync date and time for scale

Looking at the app for the scale after synch I noticed the date for my trends were off a few months. After looking for some sort of solution in the app and in the scale fields, none was found. I contacted support and they told me to delete the scale in the app(beta) and add again. I asked about whether the data would be lost and after checking they confirmed that it would be lost.

I can’t imagine this is a suitable solution. There needs to be a time synch function or the ability to back up trended data in case the app needs to be reset or scale needs to be removed.

Welcome to the community. Don’t forget to vote for your own wishlist item by clicking vote at the top. I will vote for this too.

That is a weird issue. I didn’t think the scale tracked it’s own date/time, I thought the scale just reports the weight data and the app uses the date/time on our phones to log the date/time. So it is weird that it would be showing the wrong times.

If you do decide to delete the scale as they suggested, I would consider exporting all the data to save it for your own records first.

  1. Open the scale
  2. Select the gear icon in the top right for the settings menu
  3. Select Export Data
  4. Enter an email address
  5. Select All
  6. Select Export
  7. Wait until you receive the email just to be sure.

Another thing I do is sync everything to Google Fit, then it’s easy to change the date to the correct one. Then you should feel free to try setting it back up without forever losing all that data.

I know a lot of that is not optimal, hence the wishlist suggestion, but some of that might be better than forever losing your data while we wait for some kind of sync solution.