Reset data info in the wyze scale

When I initially got the scale I was playing around with it to try to figure it out and THAT data got stored and I need to clear it and start fresh. It has my weight 30 lbs higher than it should be and other info that’s not accurate. How to I get a clean start?

You need to adjust YOUR weight. Trust in the Wyze.

So you don’t have a solution to my question??

You’ve tried the FAQ, yes?

Similar problem with the Band. If you time an e event, it can not be deleted or even modified.

Ok, on the App click on Trend.

Click the 3 bars top right

Select a day

Click the Trash icon top right

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I went to scale s in the app and at the bottom of the info page it has a ‘delete’ I clicked on it and had to reinstall the device in the app. You start over at that point.