Scale - delete only one weigh in

Is there a way to delete only one weigh in and not my entire history? When I’m in the app I can go to my history and hit the trashcan icon on a particular day but I am wondering if that will delete all my data from my history or only the day that I’m currently viewing.

I used the scale to weigh luggage for a trip and inadvertantly had it connected to my bluetooth so it registered the weight as it should but now I’m 50lbs over what I normally am!!

Any help would be appreciated.

Welcome to the forum @jrob4267!

I just tested this on the Wyze Scale and Wyze Scale S.

When you go into the History and select the > on the row and hit the Delete button it only deletes that record.

All the remaining history data remained in tact.

Day I am removing (and I’m cool with it, cause that was a heavy carb day :rofl: )

Click on :wastebasket:


Day gone from history