Scale - delete only one weigh in

Is there a way to delete only one weigh in and not my entire history? When I’m in the app I can go to my history and hit the trashcan icon on a particular day but I am wondering if that will delete all my data from my history or only the day that I’m currently viewing.

I used the scale to weigh luggage for a trip and inadvertantly had it connected to my bluetooth so it registered the weight as it should but now I’m 50lbs over what I normally am!!

Any help would be appreciated.

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I just tested this on the Wyze Scale and Wyze Scale S.

When you go into the History and select the > on the row and hit the Delete button it only deletes that record.

All the remaining history data remained in tact.

Day I am removing (and I’m cool with it, cause that was a heavy carb day :rofl: )

Click on :wastebasket:


Day gone from history


Hello, I have the newest Wyze Scale X and I do not find a way to get to what you are showing above on this scale and corresponding app. I also still have the old app-no scale of the original Wyze Scale S and it does have the ‘history’ as you are showing. I only have the newest Wyze Scale X. I do not find this ‘history’ in the way you have showed above on that. Any help you could give? Thanks.

I don’t have Scale X, but I use Scale S with the Android app, and I would expect the app experience to be similar. (Someone feel free to correct me if I’m making an errant assumption.)

I get to History this way:

  1. On the main Scale S screen, I swipe until I see the Trends section.
  2. The Weight graph says “Tap to View More”, so I tap that graph.
  3. The app then navigates to a Trends screen that has an icon in the upper-right corner that looks like a clock face with an arrow around it. I tap that icon.
  4. The app then shows me the History screen.

Once I get to the History screen, I handle the individual data rows differently:

  1. The upper-right corner of the History screen says “Edit”. I tap that.
  2. This puts the data list into an edit mode, where I can select multiple rows by tapping the circle at the left of each row I want to choose. (These look kind of like radio buttons, but they actually act more like checkboxes, which is kind of weird.)
  3. Once I’ve selected the rows I want to delete, I tap “Delete” in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  4. Then I tap “Delete” again in the confirmation dialog that pops up.

Sometimes I find that I have to weigh myself more than once in a short span of time because the scale records weight only and doesn’t calculate the other metrics. I find this method (above) is the easiest way (so far) to get rid of those multiple copies of weight-only records.

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