App is very unresponsive


My App is extremely unresponsive. It often times takes 3-4 retries for the App to load properly and then it is aggravatingly slow.
If I uninstall the App and reinstall it, will I lose all my devices, configurations, and rules?

Welcome @PaulBz Sorry to see you are having issues. I am a Volunteer Community member and happened to see your post.

Once you install the app and add devices and rules, they are known to Wyze and when you install the app in other locations or on other devices, you will have the same devices listed, rules etc. You should not have to setup your devices again.

Here is what I would do:

  • Start your App
  • Go to the Account Tab
  • Tap on App Settings
  • Clear Cache
  • Log out of the App
  • Restart your Device
  • Log back in and see if it clears up for you

The Slowness sounds like something may be interfering with the App.

Also, on the iPhone, what permissions and settings do you have set? If you go to your iPhone Settings, scroll to the bottom and select Wyze and verify the settings there.

Can you also provide the App Version you are using.


Thank you for the quick response.
I did all the steps and it is still slow. I noticed the cache went back to the same amount as before I cleared it.
I am running version 2.41.5 (5)
Security/permissions are all allowed.

When you cleared the Cache, did it go to zero?

If you cannot clear the cache, it is something else. Do you have anything on your network which monitors traffic?

You can try restarting your router as well?

Also, are you on WiFi or on Cell Service? If on WiFi, can you try using Cell Service, by turning off WiFi and see if it improves/

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I cleared the cache again and it seems to be better now, 67Kb vs 7.4Mb.
I bounce between WiFi and 5g depending on if I am at work or home.
When I tap on any listed device it does nothing for about 3-5 seconds. On the times that I get to the list of devices and try to scroll down, the screen is immovable and I have to wait a few seconds. When I tap to turn a device on/off, again, the delay is 3+ seconds so never really sure if it took my tap or not.

Sounds like something is going on with your Device. Do you have another device to test with? This will eliminate a possibility it could be an issue with the iPhone.

I have Android and iPhone to test with and am not experiencing any issues with performance. This is why I am asking.

@carverofchoice @R.Good @SlabSlayer @IEatBeans

Do any of you have any additional suggestions?

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What iphone model are you using?

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12 Pro max
All other apps work fine.

Do you have another device to test with?

I do have an iPad at home I could try. I am at work now.

I don’t have any suggestions at this time, this is the same exact experience @cyberdog_17 and I have been experiencing on iPhone as well spanning multiple App versions for a number of months.

Out of curiosity @PaulBz how many Wyze Devices do you have? Do you have a number of bulb groups with a mix of Light Strips and Bulbs in them?


10 devices. I removed the App and reinstalled it and it working in a normal manner. I will have to see how it is when I am at home.
Just thankful all my settings were not lost in the delete.
I googled it and heard the uninstall/install seems to resolve this issue.


Thank you for the information.


Welcome and thank you all for the support.


I would definitely try deleting the app and reinstalling

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All my devices, rules and such were all intact so no worries in deleting the App.

Yep everything will still be there