It doesn't fit... (may be the wrong forum but it applies)

Yesterday, I opened my Wyze application on my iPhone with the intent to review events and then erase them. I found that I couldn’t erase them and there were some other quirks that made it hard to use the app. Many disconnects and it seemed that the app was degenerating before my eyes.

I became very frustrated and penned a reply to someones comment about responses from Wyze not happening. What I said was not flattering by any means but understand, I was mad.

A little later I tried again with similar results. After thinking about what could be wrong it dawned on me that some time previously I had read a comment by someone who said they had to remove the Wyze app from their device and re-download it and that doing that cured their problems…

I immediately deleted Wyze from my iPhone and then re-downloaded it from the App Store. Long story short, I couldn’t believe the difference in the app. Somehow I don’t think my iPhone’s update was getting the latest and greatest Wyze app for me.

Ok, here’s the BEEF. I apologize to Wyze and the community membership for the critical comment I posted. Needless to say I am happy now and have taught myself a good lesson… “pause and think before you hit the Enter key”.

Thanks for listening, good Karma to all…


Thanks for the post and the update to your experiences. :slight_smile: Glad things are working better for ya now.

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That is kind of crazy. I wonder if it is an iPhone issue or an app related issue. Also wonder if it has the same issues on Android.

I can see why some people get so frustrated with wyze, when the app is not working.

I haven’t had many issues and I have 8 cams, 4 bulbs, 2 plugs, and 3 sensors(oh, and a scale). I’m also on the Beta release, which is more buggy.

It’s at least good to know that deleting and reinstalling the app will fix the issue for some. But I would love to know the root cause of it too :sweat_smile: