Wyze ticket problems

How is this a solution to a BIG PROBLEM??? I can’t use the app at all because it freezes my phone for hours and have to factory reset it to get the app off my phone just to have it function and I have 5 cameras that I can’t watch and haven’t been able to watch for weeks. This is their reply to me.

Sorry about that, Lauren! We’ll look into that case. In the meantime, can you let me know the app version number you’re running? Is this behavior still impacting your app?

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I don’t have the app on my phone because when I do, it does this. I tried it again just to see if it got any better. It didn’t.

Long shot, but the Wyze app does use a lot of resources. Have you tried deleting any other non-essential apps to free up memory/storage and see if that helps?
Also, you said Factory Reset is the only way to free up your phone. A restart doesn’t work - you have to force a full reboot/ reset?

Yes. I’ve tried leaving only the wyze app on my phone. I get the same result. I have to force the phone into safe mode then factory reset because it never seems to make my phone whole again so to speak unless I actually do a full restet. It’s not enough to just remove the app it seems.

If you inspect the app in your phone’s settings, can you let me know the app version number?

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