App Dark Theme/Mode

Actually a rumor can only start with something at least semi believable. Like for example a yeti was spotted walking through downtown Portland holding hands with bigfoot.

Things no one would believe would be like Wyze fixing dark mode this century (not quickly) or a politician telling the truth.

I did notice that the rebranded Roku cameras and software have a dark interface. I’m also having an issue with some cameras being already associated with another service. Hope the updates get worked out. Love the cameras and the system.

100% agree. I’m sick of being blinded! Let’s put product upgrades & product releases on hold & get this dark mode released! Let’s even create a paid by users fund for dark mode! Come on Wyze!

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Just here to make an update, while we still are not ready to do the full app rewrite we are looking into ways to get dark mode to more of the screens used like the live stream pages and areas like that. I will update again when I have some more definitive info.


It’s interesting that you say that since one of the recent iPad OS app updates changed the landscape multi-cam view from a black background to a white one. That used to be my work around. Now I just can’t use it any more and I’m looking for alternatives. Hopefully you guys can undo that change quickly so I don’t have to spend more money on someone else’s product.


The change you are referring to was not intended and we are working on switching it back currently.

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Man, I hope you are serious right now.

When we fixed the -1 error for grouped cameras it caused some unintended issues in the iOS app that we are currently working on.

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I feel like we should communicate in ways that Wyze wants. Using something really hard to see on a blinding white background

Dark mode on Wyze app is something or children’s children will inherit

Bummer, used html code for bright yellow text and even this won’t work…



Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the devices that are darkmode compliant seem to have the fewest amount of bugs to deal with?

Floor Lamp, Outdoor Plugs, Thermostat, Sprinkler Controller, Air Purifiers, Video Doorbell Pro…

Maybe light doesn’t just attract living bugs! :slight_smile: One more reason to add dark mode to the camera UI’s ASAP during this “Year of the camera!” :wink: Glad to hear it’s being looked into. Maybe it will help keep more bugs away too. Worth a try. I certainly prefer darkmode myself, and often force darkmode.

Darkmode memes I relate to just for fun

I’m totally here for the announcement that Wyze is looking into doing a darkmode compliant Camera GUI! :slight_smile:

Then I’ll just have to remember to avoid tapping settings in the middle of the night, but at least we can view our cameras safely. :slight_smile: Thanks for letting us know, Jason. I love all the updates you’ve been posting in comments on the wishlist/roadmap. They have been very welcome notices. :slight_smile:


Jason, I understand the difficulties as I’ve communicated with wyze numerous times regarding the coding platform issue.

Would not a short term solution be scouring all references to “white” and globally changing its ascii number (if that’s how it’s coded) to a mid-tone grey? blue-green text and black text may still be legible in “light” (coincidental pun) of the darker background?


I have been told that will not work, however, I am not a coder, at least not in anything like that. We are however working on a short-term solution since this is something very much wanted and a full arr rewrite will take awhile.

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I no longer expect to see a Wyze “dark mode” in my lifetime and I hope to live at least 30 more years.

I do tend to use the Wyze app as a flash light :flashlight:.

Which surprises me, why doesn’t Wyze make a flashlight or do they just recommend using the app? :smile:

That’s funny because I use the Wyze App as a flashlight at night sometimes too!
Usually when I don’t want light as bright as the real flash on the phone, but nothing else on my screen is bright enough unless I open the Wyze App. :rofl:

So, yes, definitely some truth to that because I actually use it that way when I don’t have it in forced dark mode!


Been ages since I visited this thread.
With the 20 armed beast this app has become… I can only hope that some revision would make it modular with the design principals in something akin to theme files that could be selected and applied that every module would just use from there on out. I can definitely see why it’d be used as a flashlight though. *chuckling
Maybe this year some good attention will be given to the app. Might be time to work on the existing Wyze software infrastructure before the next dozen products happen.
Bandcamp’s app is worse though… and, with it luckily I could just dump it and transfer music to phone etc … but, Wyze… we’re still really interested in at least a dark mode option guys & gals.
*fingers crossed

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Spot on Jeff. Was reading your other post and it’s crazy how easy this would be…

Please for the love of God make a dark mode option for the app



Want a hint as to what is happening on this?


My god. It’s happening…


We are trying to do what we can now instead of making everyone wait for the entire app rewrite.