App Dark Theme/Mode

Is this like “the royal we” ?



Glad to see that this thread still has life since its creation in November 2018.

Maybe we should gather every year for a Dark Mode conference.


Apparently we’re a stubborn bunch…

I am laughing ( Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: ) but I am not happy about it…

In the meantime, thanks to @Seapup for mentioning it, we can at least vote on this similar Wishlist item below which should have the same effect.

Not that 11 votes can immediately accomplish what 1423 votes cannot, but everything starts somewhere and anyone using Wyze cams has to be a little bit stubborn…

Also wondering if constantly mentioning the lack of a (now almost standard) Dark Mode feature in app store reviews would get any attention… :thinking:


Massive solar flare only way we get dark mode at this point.


OK, so we get a Wyze thermostat, see, then we get a pellet stove, see, then we get a lot of gasoline and a leaf blower…


Number of votes aren’t the sole factor to determine when something gets implemented. It also depends on several other variables including degree of difficulty, etc. A Dark Mode OPTION is very difficult to implement as it requires an entire rewrite of the app from scratch to support layouts, etc, so that is going to take some time. But a second app with the white changed to black, and a few other tweaks may not be quite as difficult, so it wouldn’t need a ton of votes if it is fairly easy to implement (and allowed by the App store gods). The roadmap has sometimes had easy things implemented even though they only had a small number of votes. So it is quite possible that a small number of votes can get this done if it’s reasonably permitted by Google/Apple and their services partner, etc.


Time for some gratuitous wordplay :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

‘Don’t wee on my leg and tell me it’s reigning.’

And a toast, in the aggregate, to The Masses:
To your data! :beer:

Your data! :beers: :woozy_face:


“We” are just a “wee” bit tired after 4 years of trying to show them the light, uh, sorry, meant the “dark”…


Indeed. I just read your sixty-four posts. :grin:

Makes for a good lens on the issue.


I tried forcing dark via the dev option on Android 10. Seemed promising until…

When swiping through a list of Events, when either the “to” or “from” Event is B&W, I get a full frame white flash in transition. It literally hurts.

Between two color Events, not so. :man_shrugging:


There are some side effects! :face_with_spiral_eyes: It’s also fun to explain to an eager and well meaning, but technically clueless friend why you cannot safely turn them into a Developer…


Cover me, I’m goin’ in…

(enable screen recording in Android 10 via PC hookup, some geeky utility and command line action)

…someday. image

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image  Scheduled for the twelfth of never. And that’s a long long time. :wink:

I’ll love you till the bluebells forget to bloom;
I’ll love you till the clover has lost its perfume.
I’ll love you till the poets run out of rhyme,
Until the twelfth of never and that’s a long, long time.

Etched into my brain. One of my sisters was Johnny Matthis mad. And she could only afford one record.

Written by: Jerry Livingston, Paul Webster
First performed by: Johnny Matthis (1957)


You have no idea how deep the well of support is for your multi-platform endeavours…


Would love Dark mode also white screen at night is bad on eyes


I brought this up in the latest AMA. The downside is they said they didn’t want to maintain 2 apps. The bright side is they implied something about rebuilding the app pretty quickly:

I’m not necessarily saying they will do this quickly, but at least it’s on the cofounder’s mind.

EDIT: I agree with this interpretation below:

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I read that as having two apps would pretty quickly become more work than rebuilding. Not we will be rebuilding pretty quickly.


The apps complexity has grown exponentially with the myriad of new modules being heaped on.

They should have tackled a rewrite when we cistomers became vocal.

And it didn’t need to be “switchable” just better choices of text/background colors/contrasts would have sufficed in the short term.

I swear ownership is eternally drunk these days. Originally they were a camera company focused on making clientele happy.

Now they’re solely focused on money and adding random crap to their inventory to sell. I don’t need a WiFi nose trimmer (I assume this is next).

Ok, so let’s just think logically for a second. Do we want dark mode for the Wyze scale? Nope… Do we want dark mode for the Wyze floor lamp? Nope …

Ok, so that means creating an app that just handles the cameras is really all we need for dark mode. 99% of the time we’re staring into the blinding sun of the app in the middle of the night when checking camera or alert from camera, not the other crap they sell.

So no, it’s not more complicated to do two apps because we don’t need all the other garbage in a camera app, just dark mode. You could even do it right where you can have better views and options for funzies…

Far as the laughable “we will be rebuilding quickly” … Brilliant impression of a politician. Say what we should likely accept with no intent of actually following through (been 3 years on this thread, adorable you think we believe anything you say Wyze).

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Thanks, yes, when you added that clarification I can now see that is how it was intended. The original statement left it ambiguous, but your interpretation is almost definitely the correct way to read it. I totally missed that it potentially had dual meaning and saw what I wanted to see. :rofl:

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That’s how the rumors start. Wyze didn’t say that.

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