App crashing when trying to share a video from an album

I’m trying to share a timelapse video i made on my cam OG but the app keeps crashing and deleting the video. Seems like the video also doesn’t save to accessible storage so when the app crashes it deletes it.

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I just replicated what you are experiencing.

Android 13, App, OG-S Firmware 1.0.71.

A Timelapse Video is downloaded within the Album. However, the downloaded Video is NOT being directed to save to the default DCIM Folder like other cams. It appears that the download is being directed to a protected folder in the Root Android Data directory.

However, because of Android’s security policies, those directories are not accessible by the user.

When I attempted to Share the video to direct it to another folder on the Phone Internal Storage or the mounted SD Card, the app crashed every time.

This is a bug in the current version of the Android App. A new Beta Version of the App was released today. Best opportunity to get this fixed is to test it in the Beta App release and report it as a bug in that thread. When the App becomes available, I will be testing this.

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I had to opt out of the beta for another service to work. I’m hoping someone on here can report it then.

As soon as the Beta posts, I will download, test, and post if the bug is still there. I will tag you there so you get notified.

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Beta is showing the same. I have reported the bug in the Beta Release thread…

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