Anyone's sense hub/home monitoring system down?

Getting “Ooops, something went wrong. Please try again by refreshing the page”

Normally the HMS has been rock solid. Using beta app at the moment. Opened case 3395706 and submitted log

EDIT: I’m on beta app, looks like beta came out today. I reverted to the production version and it started working again. Dang.

This something we were looking into and, as you already discovered, it is related to the 2.46 beta, if you update to the 2.46 Production Release which came out today and should be hitting Google Play Store and iOS App Store soon. I do apologize for the issues.


I just installed the Prod Release on my Android and HMS is now back, including the Cam Plus Service Menu Option.

I also installed the Prod iOS app and HMS is back on that as well.


I had the same issue when running the 2.46 Beta. Updating to 2.46 Production fixed it. :+1:

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