Android app 2.32.0 (154) monitoring problem

Hi all

I have just received my first Cam V3

Got it up and running in under 5 mins, pretty neat :slight_smile: I have the app installed on my Pixel 3 (running Lineage 19.1) all works Ok except the bottom tab monitoring which just keeps asking to reload, It will flash a page but won’t stay on it and goes back to reload all the time

I’ve browsed the forum and seen some other problems similer but they state, corrected with the app version 2.32.0 (154) but this is not my case (also tried an older 2.31 app no difference)

Am I missing something or is this a bug in the app ?

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The monitoring tab is only for those who have the HMS monitoring service or the CamPlus Pro Monitoring Service (special live professional monitoring subscriptions thru Noonlight).

The Home Monitoring Service (HMS) requires the Sense Hub with sensors. CamPlus Pro only needs a V3 or compatible cam subscribed.

Unless you have HMS or CPPro, there is nothing in the Monitoring tab for you. That may be why it never loads.


Hi, many thanks for explaining that,

Shame that the app, doesn’t give a message rather than just returning to the reload button every time,

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:+1: That would be a nice feature addition. Perhaps something to add to the #wishlist