Anyone separate JUST the camera from the cam case?

Hi All!
Searched as best I could but couldn’t find any reference to anyone actually disassembling a Wyze cam to study HOW it is put together or showing pix of how exactly the camera section is connected to the electronics.
In my experience, the actual “camera” itself (as in lens plus image sensor) is pretty small in most modern cams (even full-blown cameras). Just wondering if anyone has looked into perhaps separating the camera from the case, extending the connection leads or wire it up so the actual camera could work OUTSIDE of the factory case. If the actual camera part is small enough it could (possibly) be embedded in the front door frame or attach to glass in the window or door much more easily. Maybe some sort of mod to remotely attach the camera to the circuitry in the normal case. Just a thought. Has anyone seen info like this? If so, please pass it on. (and YES I know this will kill any warranty) Thanx. T,