i just saw a hood for wyze camera on Amazon. Is this really made for the wyze camera? If so, then we can place it outside? Would love to put one there. I have read that a lot of people putting thier cameras outside. If it can go outside it would be nice to have holes in the metal plate.

I don’t think Wyze is selling any hood or case yet. But yes some people are putting the cameras outside. Check this out: https://www.wyzecam.com/forums/topic/where-are-you-mounting-your-wyzecams/

Could you clarify this:

If it can go outside it would be nice to have holes in the metal plate.

Holes in the plate so it can be screwed in. This would allow the camera to be more secure and can be removed with no trouble. Batteries would be nice too. Even if it raised the price some. Give options. Batteries or no batteries?. Does the red lights need to be on the front? How about just one on the back. I do love the cameras. Learned about them watching Dave’s videos. I smile the whole time I watch them. So glad the cameras are doing so well.



Is this available? If so where. Please provide link.


I like the looks of this

Check this out: https://www.wyzecam.com/forums/topic/mounting-options/#post-64667

Here is the Amazon link for the wyze camera hood.


Thanks much

I would wait until we hear from the WYZE team before putting it outside , but its your $20 in the end! lol