Anyone know what this Chinese writing on my SD card?

wyze sd card 2

Corrupted data on card

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Time to format the card, and start over…

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What Chinese? There is none.


Exactly. That doesn’t look like Chinese. Try another card reader and computer. It’s possible that if you rename some of those files they will play but it’s not likely.

(I wouldn’t format the card; I’d chuck it.)


China is WATCHING all that use Wyze products. Send the data to the FBI just in case. Buy a New card.

My wife and I take pride in the fact that the nightly Live View from our living room camera is rated #3 on the Chinese Neilsen ratings.

For reasons that escape me, the live nightly video feed of us sitting around watching tv, arguing occasionally, eating way too many snacks and going to bed early are very popular over there.