Anyone have any ideas or experience with this issue?

I seem to run into a weird issue primarily with my wyze switches (though I have experienced it with all my items at some time or another) where I’ll come home and notice every one of my wyze switches flashing telling me they lost connection. So I’ll load the app and it too says they lost connection and to check my network but when I go into my router it shows them all connected fine macs and ips all matching up and data being transmitted and received. So from what I can see it looks like they should be fine but they think they are not. Eventually they sync up but it could be nice to know what could be causing this or when it does happen the quickest way to fix it.

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It’s is believed that some of the WYZE devices, (primarily the switch and plugs) work on a Fibonacci sequence, if they cannot connect to you router for whatever reason the time extends and extends until it can where the try gets longer.

In the past I have rebooted my router to speed this up.
And sorry for the pitch but I have seen a lot less of this since moving my IoT devices to the Wyze Mesh Router Pros, where before I was using a Spectrum router for my IoT devices

It sounds like you’re experiencing a frustrating issue with your Wyze switches losing connection despite your router showing them as connected. This could be due to various factors, such as interference or network congestion. Here are a few quick steps you can try to resolve this:

  1. Reboot the Wyze switches: Sometimes, a simple power cycle can help devices reconnect. Try turning off the switches, waiting for a minute, and then turning them back on.

  2. Check for firmware updates: Ensure that your Wyze switches have the latest firmware installed. Sometimes, updates can improve connectivity and resolve issues.

  3. Wi-Fi signal strength: Make sure that the switches are within the range of your Wi-Fi network and that there are no physical obstacles causing signal interference.

  4. Router settings: Check your router settings to ensure that there are no restrictions or firewall rules blocking the switches’ access.

  5. Network congestion: If you have many devices connected to your network, it might be congested. Consider upgrading your router or optimizing your network setup.

  6. Contact Wyze support: If the issue persists, reach out to Wyze customer support for specific troubleshooting assistance related to their products.

By following these steps, you should be able to improve the reliability of your Wyze switches’ connectivity.

Yes rebooting the router speeds it up, I didn’t want to mention that however though because of a couple things. First I just plain don’t want to have to reboot it every time because of the amount of devices on my network it jus`t always takes a while for it to get back and two almost always it will come back with some other device stuck in that sort of position. My si1Wgnal is sufficiently strong at all areas on my property. I’m running an AI Mesh network that uses the ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 as the main router with a RT-AX86U, a RT-AC86U and also a RP-AX56 as nodes.

I’m tech savvy but I stopped learning about all the new features of networks and do wonder if I have a setting or two wrong somewhere that would be causing unwanted effects but for the most part I useasus recommended defaults. I change the channel of the radios so they are not dynamic (that seemed to cause even more disconnects) and I only enable their built in protection but as far vas i know its doesnt create any firewall rules or anything that hinders IoT devices and I used to use QoS but even that I read I should turn off unless I have issues.

I can give you the standard tech support pitch that deflects the issue to your home setup, but you may drive yourself crazy with that.
The experience I’ve had is that the devices disconnect from the Wyze server. How do I know this? Aside from them being connected to the router, it’s happened when a business server heartbeat check hasn’t missed a step and even when I’m working on a remote connection that has no errors. This is on a Comcast 1Gb connection.
Though it happens with the cams as well, the plugs and switches were terrible with that; they’d be on or off when they shouldn’t be. Since they’re relatively critical when I’m not at one of my two locations, I ended up switching them out.
In my testing, I did find that staggering events helped; in other words limit the routines to single devices with a small period in between. I moved a camera that would trigger the same as my doorbell since I found they would both miss an event while a third non-Wyze camera would send a notification and record it. That solved the camera issue.
I will say my CenturyLink location has few issues with the Wyze hardware, but it’s a stretch to draw any conclusion from that since the two networks are over 1500 miles apart :slight_smile:

I am on centurylink 1gig fiber here. connection is always pretty solid. I do have to have this one setting in effect for my router to connect to my centurylink and that is under LAN->IPTV and then on this page there is a LAN Port section where in that section it lists Internet and I have to set the vid input to 201

Also, all though in the past I used to run all kinds of automations and routines but since my last big reset I haven’t implemented anything really like that so right now a part of a couple lights coming on to motion sensing , there isn’t anything running. Even that automation is running on Lutron gear so its not even hitting the router as it runs from its own hub.