Wyze Switch Connectivity Issues

So, I’ve successfully installed 4 Wyze Switches so far and reasonably happy with them. I installed a 5th one that work for a week or two, then its white light started blinking, indicating a connectivity issue.

I did open a support ticket to get help with it. But I am curious about a few things:

  1. Are general connectivity issues a known issue or bug with the Wyze Switch? It’s one out of 5 switches, so I assume that I have a defective item.
  2. Why (why!!!) does it rapidly blink white to indicate a connectivity issue. I realize that this is to grab your attention… But when the switch is in one of my kid’s bedroom and it’s nighttime, the last thing I want to deal with is an annoying blinking white light. Some tape and business cards covered up the blinking light for the night. Honestly, a slow pulsing light would be better. Or else, let me decide if I even want to see anything at all. (Hint: I do not. I check my Wyze app often enough to see any device that’s gone offline.)
  3. This thought never occurred to me before: Why doesn’t the Wyze app provide a notification whenever a device goes offline? Perhaps it does, and I’m not aware of this option?

Anyhow, rant over.

Mine do this as well whenever there is an outage. It’s not always the same ones the have the issue and you have to reset the switch and reinstall it in the app… quite useless if you ask me… I got them and didn’t get to install them until after the return window expired. All my Wyze cams work just fine after a power outage.

For me, it’s just the single switch. The others are working fine. Apparently though, there is new firmware out (1.2.21) that fixed the performance issues regarding connectivity. I just installed the new firmware today, so I’ll see if that helps any…

wall switch worked for 2 months and stopped. Now has a fast blink. It tells me there is a connectivity issue. All other cameras and thermostat and high hats working fine. Wifi working fine. I can’t seem to get an answer from anyone at wyze about how to fix this. I can turn lights on and off manually, but why did I spend all this money on a switch that I still have to use manually. Also, customer service is terrible. Why isn’t there someone you can talk to when you have a problem?

Well firmware 1.2.21 worked for me. Have you upgraded to that version? I’m not sure what else to suggest. Maybe call tech support; if the issue persists, I would go for a warranty replacement.

Well, maybe I spoke too soon. The same switch location is experiencing connectivity issues again. This is actually the second Wyze Switch that I’ve installed in this location. The firmware update did actually seem to work well for me for a week or so.

In my case, I am guessing that it has to do with Wifi strength. My wireless network is pretty good across the house, but the Switch does get pushed inside of a wall, so… I don’t know.

Regarding the firmware, the release notes say: “Improved connectivity performance so that Wyze Switch reconnects faster if signal drops.” So it’s not connectivity improvement. It’s a reconnect improvement.

Back to my original post, why is a connectivity issue indicated by rapid blinking white? Pulsing would be better. Or else, let me control whether I want to see any indication at all. I do check the Wyze app regularly and can troubleshoot when I see an issue.