Anyone else having trouble with schedules lately?

Possible but lengthy solution. I’ve been watching the logs of the scheduled events and what I was seeing mostly, not always, was that things like bulb temp or brightness was going off before the actual light was turned on. In my opinion this is a software issue that needs to be addressed by prioritizing commands. I.e. on first, then brightness, then temperature or color. I’ve experimented with setting a schedule as follows

Original schedule:
Carport on 530pm, brightness 100%, temp 4500k
Carport change over 930pm brightness 1% temp 2700k
Carport off 7am.

New schedule
Carport on 529pm
Carport brightness 100% 530pm
Carport temp 4500k 531pm

Carport change turn on 929pm
Carport change brightness 1% 930pm
Carport change temp 2700k 931pm

Carport off 7am

This time consuming [Mod Edit] scheduling seems to work. Literally a different rule for every operation 1 minute apart so these [Mod Edit] bulbs don’t get confused and changing brightness before the bulb is even on… This light went from never being right to 2 days of perfect. I have added another bulb with this same scheduling to try it again. This bulb consistently didn’t even turn on at all so we’ll see. Fingers crossed.

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