Any one having issues with camera responding to Alexa?

I just received the camera today set it up and tried to have Alexa show the feed thru my fire cube and all it’s saying is camera not responding… not a good first impression. I’ve tried my ring door and it works fine… any suggestions?

I don’t have Alexa but maybe this can help. Some users are reporting having trouble.

Thanks I guess I’m going to wait and see what happens

Do you have a V2 or Cam Pan?

V2 camera

I’d wait it out. It should fix itself! Have you submitted a ticket?

Yeah I have so it’s a waiting game now

So they got back to me and theyre in contact with Alexa to resolve the issue they’re having… glad to know they got back to me quick and are trying to resolve it!

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Told me the same thing yesterday. I was new to wyze cam but bought with main reason to use on fire devices and none of them worked after all troubleshooting. I was and still upset because it’s litterally stamped on the wyze box works with Alexa and I’ve not seen it yet lol.

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Yeah I completely agree I hope they fix it soon I have another camera on the way n if they don’t fix the issue I’ll probably return them

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