Alexa requests time out on Pan

Hi All,

I have two Wyze Cams; a V2 and a Pan. Both function normally with the iOS Wyze app and appear to have a stable wi-fi connection and plenty of bandwidth on my network. I have the Wyze Alexa skill added to my account and have run discovery. The Alexa app on my phone lists the names of both devices.

Here’s the issue. If I call up Alexa (either on my fire tablet or my fire tv) and ask her for the name of the V2, the camera feed pops up no problem. If I ask for the name of the Pan, it loads the Wyze splash screen, and attempts for probably about a minute to load the stream, but then times out and gives up every time.

I have tried disabling/re-enabling the skill and removing the Wyze Cam Pan, and re-running Alexa discovery. The issue persists. Alexa clearly recognizes the name of the camera and attempts to call up the feed, but it has not successfully loaded on any of my attempts.

Appreciate any thoughts or recommendations.

2 of my 7 do the same thing where I can’t bring them up on Alexa. Those 2 are V2s. My other V2s and the one pan come up fine, as do my Arlos.

Looks like Wyze may be working with Amazon to resolve, based on this other thread…

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