Camera Feed Not Pulling Up On Fire Stick Or Echo

I have about 10 Wyze Cam V3s and all of them pull up with no problem. I got a Wyze Cam Pan V2 yesterday and nothing I seem to do will pull the feed up. Whenever I say “Alexa show me Wyatt Moving Cam” its says “Okay” and then will pull up the stock photo with “Waiting for Wyze” in the middle of the screen. After about a minute it will time out and go back to the home screen. I have tried setting the camera up multiple times. I have turned off the Wyze skill in the Alexa app and turned it back on. I don’t know what else to do. The firmware version is which the Wyze app says is the most recent update. Although when I look at “What’s New” that firmware is a year old and there have been 4 updates since then. I am going to try to download the newest update to an SD card and manually update my camera but I feel like I shouldn’t actually have to do that.

Update; I have updated the camera to the latest firmware using a micro sd card and it’s still not working. I also tried deleting it from the Alexa app and Wyze app and setting it up again.

Same problem on my v2 cam and doorbell cam. I also have the recent firmware updates and disabled/reenabled the skill. This used to work.

Yeah my old v1 pan still comes up on fire tv. I ordered two new v2’s and niether worked. I sent them back. After all the doorbell issues after their update that took months to work out I have moved on from wyze. They used to be a great company but they decided to grow to fast and ignore customer issues.

Same here, some cameras work and some can’t. Just got my v3 Pro today and it doesn’t work either.

Multiple WYZE Cameras use to work with Alexa via Fire Stick…NOT ANY MORE…NONE. All on current firmware. I suspect it’s WYZE…again.

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My cameras are also having issues with tiny cam pro, some time out and cameras won’t load. Not sure what’s going on…

This has still not been fixed.

Try asking alexa who’s in the driveway, who’s at the front door, who’s in the backyard. At first I had to say who’s at the driveway, who’s at the backyard… I saw this on an echo forum and it worked for me. Show me the driveway stopped working after one of amazons boneheaded “updates”. I got rid of all my wyze cams and cancelled amazon prime because of their unbelievably stupid updates and absolutely no customer support.

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