Any ideas for getting the vacuum to smoothly go over this?

It can go over it by itself…most of the time. But it looks rough doing it, and occasionally it will get stuck.

I really want it to go over that area because when I make it out of bounds, the vacuum won’t go in between or behind the chair (see the second picture).

I think you would be better off keeping it from going over that so it has to enter from the sides.

A string from one leg to the other 1 or 2 inches up would engage the bump sensor and keep it from going across. Since the no-go zone isn’t used, it will keep trying until it finds a way around one end or the other.


Is it a chair? if so, can you move it when you start your vacuuming?

If not, @SlabSlayer suggestion about putting a barrier between the leg would work well.

That’s really clever! I’ll give it a shot, thanks.