Wyze Robot Vac - best practices

I’ve used my new vac a couple times. There are a couple of things I am wondering:

  1. I have a dining table with chairs and 7 stools at my kitchen island. Should I pull those out before running the vac? It really can’t get crumbs/dirt against the island with them in normal position. If I do pull them out, do I have to do a remap?

  2. It seems along my floor by the stairs it misses the last 2-3 inches on the ~10 foot run. Is there anyway around this?

If the chairs are interfering with the sweep, I’d move them. Maybe put them upside-down on the island? Objects with legs shouldn’t require a remap.

I’ve actually learned to position some things so there is enough room for the vacuum to pass, like how many inches something like a plant, floor lamp, or exercise machine is from the wall. Guess that’s the vacuum training me, lol.

You may want to post a picture of your stairs if this isn’t true: Is there an outcrop on your stairs about the height of the LIDAR unit on top of the vacuum that might make the vacuum think the stairs are further forward than they are?

I see you are new (welcome!), so I’ve asked the mods to give you the ability to post a picture of the situation with the stairs just in case. So if you need to and can’t post a picture right away, just wait a bit.

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I ran the vacuum today and it did much better along the stairs. It actually was overhanging a couple inches. I’m not sure why it didn’t do that the last time.

I moved my stools away from the island today. It worked…but it kind of took a long time going in/around the stools. I think I have a plan though, Make a room that divides the kitchen into two rooms. One is just an area for me to move the stools. The other room is the rest of the kitchen. Then, I will clean every room but the “stool room”. When that finishes, have it clean the “stool room”, I bet it will save 15 minutes.