Add a "do not vacuum area" that is ok to be passed through

Please enhance the Virtual Wall functionality to also allow a “Do not vacuum, but ok to pass through” mode. We have a super plush/shedding area rug in our living room that we don’t want vacuumed but there is an area beyond it that does need to be vacuumed. By setting a “do not vacuum” area (in the same way we create virtual walls) then our problem would be solved.

Have you tried making the virtual wall a little smaller then the rug to see if the vacuum will go around? There has to be about 3 inches on ether side of the vacuum for it to pass through. Even f the virtual wall is a little smaller then the rug, the vacuum will still avoid it if you set it up right. It’ll definitely take some experimenting,

Edit: topic tagged #probably-not. This means Wyze will most likely not be considering this idea

thanks but that wont work. the rug runs the entire area . So its

area 1 to vacuum
area not to vacuum
area 2 to vacuum

the only way to get from area 1 to area 2 is to navigate over the rug. But its really thick wool and will jam up the brush, so in the perfect world it won’t be even trying to vacuum while going over the thick rug.


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So an area where the vacuum only drives over. Great idea!
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I have a speaker wire across one section of the living room. It would be nice to have the suction and brushes turned off while the vacuum drives over this area to get to the next room.