Any additional information on outdoor cam v2?

So I have some additional questions I am hoping some one can help answer for me. I have tried to review the FCC filings but they are scheduled for delayed release until 7/25

  • Is a new base station required or can the v1 base station be used?
  • Is there any other additional updates to the hardware or is it just the sensor?
  • Has the t31 chip from the v3 been moved over
  • This would improve the onboard AI processing.
  • Any additional details around required capabilities? The media posts note continues recording with an sdcard. Has power consumption been improved and require a solar panel / battery pack?

The V2 will use the existing v1 Base Station

The two main features is the addition of the Starlight technology and a wider angle of view

I have both a v2 and v1 both lasts a decent time for me. you can use the Wyze Solar Panel but it is not required.

Here is the latest Video on this from Wyze:


That isnt the question i asked. Its more along the terms of the claim “exapandable storage for 24/7 recording” With that claim how are you (wyze) supporting the required power draw to be able to do that?

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I think WYZE should clarify their (24/7) claim. My current WCO version one cams will do scheduled event motion only recording 24/7 to the SD in the cam but they sure won’t do 24/7 continuous recording. The new V2 WCO shows it has two 2600mAh batteries, so I don’t see how it could record continuous 24/7. Of course their add does not say Continuous, a bit vague I think. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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