Wyze battery cam pro vs outdoor

I have an outdoor cam w base station and solar panel in my front yard and I like it. I also have a lot of other Wyze products,

I need one cam to put up on my roof to monitor upcoming storm, Going to use a solar panel. I don’t like going on the roof,

The V2 outdoor and solar panel comes to about $100. They do work well. Price isn’t really a big concern here,

Question 1: Does Wyze still sell ad on cameras? I only see the set with base station. I guess it is the same price the add on was, and suppose an extra base station cannot hurt.

Question 2: This is just so i can see my roof without going up there in a storm. Don’t need AI alerts and the night vision is fine. Is there a reason I should consider the new Battery Cam Pro, or just stick with the one I know will work, the outdoor v 2?

I do have access to a POE splitter there, but don’t think I want to use cables on my roof.

Thank you for helping me shop!ut

They still sell the version 1 WCO add-on but I see none listed for the V2 WCO. Check a Home Depot in your area they may have add-on V2 cams, they show them for sale on-line.