Another Thermostat question

So i have another wiring question and feel like i have followed the instructions to the T but something is wrong. The original photo and Wyze photo are below. This is a trane duel fuel setup so NG and Heat Pump with AC. When i have it wired as below cooling and heating are reversed and I can fix that in the app … I can see the compressor kick on for both but problem is when I turn the system off it does not turn it off but switches unit to pull NG Heat … only way to get it to go off is to reset the thermostat to defaults.

This is not a heat pump. use the internal labels.
Your wires are as follows:
White> W1
Yellow> Y1
Blue> C

ok so switch the W to w1 … but it is a heat pump thought it was dual fuel unit, currently think it reversing the compressor as it says on when switching from heat to cool but when it try’s to go off it the compressor stops and heat is very hot like it is on NG … another point is it never asked me about my system it kinda just assumed i think

Ok i did as you said and it appears to have worked … the unit is a duel fuel but maybe they never wired it like that … confusing