Android Wyze app Cam+ filters broken, fine on iOS

I have Cam+ on my cameras. AI tagging (people, pets, packages) works fine for me but on the Android app, I cannot select the Cam+ filters in the events tab. This means I cannot filter for only People events as it’s grayed out and untappable.

This problem does not exist on iOS. I can select my Cam+ filters fine on iOS.

My Android app is updated, Android OS is updated, all cameras are updated. I’ve tried reinstalling the Android app and relogging in, no dice.

Any advice?

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Have you tried an older version of the Wyze app? You can grab older versions from this link.

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This is a bug in the Android App that has been reported and Wyze is working on. Look for a fix in the next app update.

This is where it was first reported to Wyze: