Android Notifications:Fix for Constant notifications except priority ones

Can there be a fix for notifications? I get constant notification in status bar that wyze is running in background and everytime i open the app, even if all notifications are off and running in background is turned off its still dies it, and i dont wany those notifications…
Also even though i get all those notifications i never get notified when a cam records a event…had like 10 events recorded just last nite and not 1 notification, yet the app constantly sitting in my status bar saying running in background, whats the point in it constantly running in background and constantly telling me its running yet doesnt notify me when it records.

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situation for me has been no notifications – or at best, inconsistent notifications – on BOTH iphone and android. if this is affecting both my iphone and android then cannot really blame the phones. BEFORE, was getting consistent almost instantaneous notifications on iphone and then a moment later on android. but not now. i had to disable my notifications rule in the wyze app, (which was PREVIOUSLY working great to mute/unmute notifications for certain hours) to somehow get notifications for at least some of my cams to work. but notifications for my important cams at one house (front porch & sliding door) do NOT work – and it’s like WTF i’ve paid for cam plus for those cams. have six cams (five v3 cams with cam+ on three of the v3 cams, plus have one v2 cam) at that house, and three cams (two v3 cams with cam+ on each, and have one v2 cam) at another house. have people working at the house with the six cams, and very important that i’m notified when they are there. AND one cam (a porch cam, which has cam+ paid for on that cam) is providing no notifications at the other house. that other house (with the three cams) is where my elderly mom is at and i do really need to know if she walks out the front door. the wyze cams were previously working great with regard to notifications – almost instantaneous alerts. BUT that was like a week or so ago. and now, not so good and only at best maybe very inconsistent notifications with a delay. doubt that it’s the house internet because the wyze cams do record video when they detect what they detect. can see the events being timely recorded. just have to refresh the events page in the wyze app. and have my phones on cellular data to make sure my phones do not affect the house wifi when this wyze notifications nonsense is on the fritz. and yes, do have the persistent wyze notification on my phone. and the wyze cam firmware is all up to date. hopefully all this notifications nonsense sorts itself out and works better more fully and consistently soon…

I’m starting to wonder…
First, I’d say on average notifications hit my android phone within 15 second.

Today I had a dog sitter scheduled to let the dogs out this morning.
I got a little concerned when I had zero Wyze notifications.
Then I saw the dogs were already let out.
I looked and saw they’d been let out about an hour earlier.
Received the notification a few minutes ago.
That’s not good.

Makes one wonder…is Wyze slow rolling notifications to push folks to subscriptions?
Maybe it was just a glitch.

I don’t know, but Wyze, we are using your devices as tools, as security, we need to be able to trust them.

Not me, i have a subsrciption, yet only notification i get is the constant, constant, wyze is running in background

Please please ,none of my other apps constantly remind me and show a all time notification that they are running in the background, please make a way to not be constantly reminded that the wyze app is running, like i said none of my other apps constantly remind me they are running, so why does wyze have to, i cant turn off the notification cause then i get no notifications from wyze app at all, please fix this