Android Health Connect Connection

I would love for Wyze to add the ability for the app to output data to Health Connect which is built into Android now. I have the Wyze Scale and outputting the data from that is a task to get it anywhere useful since the only options are really Google Fit and Fitbit which limits the use of the scale. Adding the ability to use Health Connect would make it so it can be outputted to whatever people want.

Firstly, I voted for this. I think it would be great.

One point, though, since we can auto-export our weight to Google fit, I’m pretty sure that Google fit then sends it to health connect, so it does automatically go from the scale to health connect at least for the weight. But it would be really cool if Wyze allowed us to also send the body fat measurement and BMR measurement now too! I can’t track those in Google fit but healthconnect does support tracking those. So it would be nice if Wyze allowed us to send those 2 other measurements to health connect now that it is supported.