Android cannot pair with brand new robot vac

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Same here. Just received new robot vac but it will not pair with my Samsung Android. 1.5hrs with customer service and only solution is buy an i-Phone! WTF??
Where is this firmware solution?

Welcome to the community @scrumhalf973 . I am a community member as you but try to help when I can.

What is the app version you are currently using. The latest production app is 2.26.22. Verify that you are on the most current version of the app.

Here is a few items to look at:

  1. Make sure you have Bluetooth on, I have found that some devices seem to connect better when BT is on.
  2. Make sure WPA3 is off on the router. Apparently, some of Wyze products have issues when WPA3 is on.
  3. Make sure your phone and Vacuum is on the same network and can talk at the 2.4Ghz channel. I use a Mesh Network which does not seem to have any issues.
  4. On the Android phone, Go to Account, Application Settings and clear the cache. then close the Wyze App. Long press the Wyze App and do a Force Stop followed by Clearing the Cache in Storage and Cache Location. Then Restart the phone. Once the Phone is back up, try the connection process again and see if it works. If it still does not work, try turning off 5Ghz and have everything connect at 2.4Ghz and try again.

If none of this work, reboot the Vacuum by Long Pressing the power button until it says powering off. Then Press again until it says powering on. Wait fir about 5 minutes, then go through the pairing process again.

Please feel free to reach back if none of this works for you.