Android app - sound issue with bluetooth earphones

Well it’s been 6 months here and I can confirm this is still a problem. Audio from EVENTS recordings plays fine thru Bluetooth, but when switching to PLAYBACK to view entire occurrence, sound goes dead.

Of course this is particularly annoying since the wyze recordings are so [bad] to begin with, playing through phone speaker is often pointless. Earbuds REALLY not just help, but are essential.

Been SIX months, Wyze. How 'bout at least RECOGNIZING that you’ve got a problem here.

(Moto 5G Stylus, everything up to date, and YES “Record Sound” toggled on in settings)

This is SO frustrating because the Wyze engineers actually had to DO something on purpose to get this happen. Should work by default, just like EVERYTHING ELSE does.

Wyze Where are you!?

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