Android app crashes when changing v3 cam detection zone

App 2.18.32
V3 cam

I change the rectangle overlay, hit back, and the app becomes unusable. I have to kill it to reopen. Changing the zone for v2 cams works as expected.

App is the same version as mine. However, my V3 firmware is at

I am not experiencing any issues with Detection zones.

App 2.18.41
Samsung S21U
I have the same issue as g462. App freezes after making changes and pressing back.

I am running the Beta / Release Candidate for the App on both my Android and iOS without issue.

My Android App is 2.19.12
V3 FW is
Pixel 5

You can join the Beta site and test the Beta / RC to see if it fixes your issues. You can go here to join if you wish: Become a Beta Tester – Wyze

Alternatively, you can clear the Cache from within the app by going to about Account and then App Settings. First option. Shut down the app, then Force Stop it from the phone and clear the cache there. Start the app again and see if that fixes the issue for you.

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